Evolved from PC to Mac

I have used, sold, repaired and tinkered with PCs for 25 years starting at TRS80 and IBM 086 10mhz all the way to a phase change cooled over clocked quad SLI, 22 Drive raid-array monster.

This year I purchased my first mac and used OSX for the first time, with my knowledge and background in Unix and Linux, I picked up the OS in hours but still resort to console commands for tasks that can probably be done in a few clicks, keyboard short-cut or some kinda of multi-touch gesture.

I am not a converted Apple fan, I bought their 15″ MacBook Pro Retina purely on specification and the super high resolution screen 2880×1800 is gorgeous and I intended just to take the thing home and format it and install windows 7 on it and of course discarding pricing.

I bought one, took it home and opened the box, partitioned off the hard drive for a windows installation but every now and then i’d boot into OSX just for curiosity.  I now after a few months of usage use OSX for 100% of my daily tasks, workload, study and my Windows 7 partition is purely streamlined for gaming and gaming only.

This mac weighs about the same as my 120W power brick that I used to power my 17″ Toshiba Qosmio, its nice being able to pickup your notebook and show someone something on my screen by holding it up by three fingers in front of them.

Are you going to make the evolution?


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